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About Time To Run

Group of runners in specialist clothing

2007 - Time To Run established, to assist runners throughout the UK.

Affordable specialist running clothing

Before Time To Run was launched, we were just a group of people who regularly enjoyed running and exercising and who, for over twenty years, happened to spend our working days within the specialist sports and outdoor industry.

Like any other dedicated runners, our first shopping priority was good running shoes, something which will never change. But what about good clothing at the right prices? Over a period of time, we became increasingly frustrated at the prices which some High Street "Sports Stores" were charging for basic running clothing. Even when items had been marked down to half price, our understanding of the manufacturing industry told us that the "Sports Stores" were still making substantial amounts of money.

Time To Run clothing range

Time To Run Limited, 17-19 Richmond Road,
Chelmsford, CM2 6UA.

Taking our own beliefs and values, we started to talk in earnest with other runners and discovered that pretty much everyone else felt the same way. Okay, we're not all world class athletes, but we do all need good quality clothing at affordable prices. With that in mind, we asked ourselves - "What do we really need from our running clothing? The answer - high wicking, anti microbial fabrics in designs that utilised flat seams at great prices. Oh, and a pinch of humour."

And so Time To Run was born - an organisation dedicated to bringing best quality garments and accessories to the marketplace at affordable prices.


Finally, as we continue to grow, we are keen to embrace the thoughts of you, our customer. For that reason please send any feedback, good or bad to Feedback Information. In return, we will send you through a discount voucher by way of thanks for your input.

Women's Running T Shirt

Time To Run's expanding running range.

New running collections

We can safely say that we have been overwhelmed by the phenomenal response to the small collection produced to date. As we are sure you can appreciate, setting up a new business takes a lot of time, and more importantly money. Following the reaction to the first collection, which could be seen to be a "vote of confidence," we have proceeded with our plans for expansion. Accordingly, another collection of t shirts will be launched this autumn, to be closely followed by an expanded range of outerwear.

Martin BeardshallTime To Run