Using experience acquired over the past twenty years Time To Run is now in the process of supplying goods direct to the end user at the best possible price.

Designs are conceived whilst running on the roads and through the fields of Essex, home of Time To Run. These designs are completed in house before being worked through and refined with our worldwide manufacturing partners.

Manufacturing Partners are just that. The factories that we use are amongst the best in the world. They are also used by some of the biggest brands within the sporting industry and do not normally associate themselves with operations as small as Time To Run. They choose to do so because of the excellent relationships we have developed with them over the past twenty years. The team partnership that we enjoy enables us to ensure optimum price and quality.

Although not necessarily the lowest priced manufacturers, our partners do offer the best value. The important difference between us and other marketers is that the lean nature of our operation and avoidance of extravagant marketing sponsorship allows us to bring these first class products to the market at affordable prices.

We are also acutely aware of the ethical questions often raised when dealing with worldwide suppliers. As a policy, we aim to fulfil the following requirements as part of our policy regarding foreign partners:

  • No child labour
  • Better than average working conditions for workers
  • Safe working environment for employees
  • Wherever possible, an environmentally friendly manufacturing process

Insofar as is practicable, we try to ensure that the above points are being adhered to by paying visits to manufacturing locations and we will continue to do so. If, for some reason, we discover that any of the points are being flouted, we guarantee to cease buying from the offending factory immediately.

Fabrics are selected in conjunction with our manufacturing partners. Again, the easiest thing for us to do would be to use lower priced inferior fabrics in order to save money. This is at direct odds with everything that we stand for. By trading directly between the end user and the factory we can afford to use the best fabrics. Once fabrics have been selected, samples are made up and both designs and fabrics are tested through a select group of individuals who provide quality feedback on performance of the garments. Following this, samples are then passed as fit for production and manufacturing begins.

From production, goods are shipped into the UK ready for distribution to our customers.

Future months will see further products added to the existing portfolio. Indeed, we currently have designs sitting in house awaiting sample production. Upon completion, they will be brought to the market place and, in parallel with this, more new product development will be under way. To conclude, despite having the largest collection that we have ever produced to date, the next twelve months will see a marked increase in the range of products being brought to the UK market.