About Time To Run

Our story

Back in 2007, we were just a bunch of normal people who regularly enjoyed running, cycling, generally working out and going to the gym. For over twenty years, our working days were spent within the specialist sports and outdoor industry. These twenty years giving us unlimited access to the latest development of both garment construction and textile development, so providing us with the right knowledge for our as yet, unknown future.

Like any other dedicated runners, our first shopping priority was good running shoes, something which will never change. But what about good clothing and equipment at the right prices? Over a period of time, we became increasingly frustrated at the prices which some High Street "Sports Stores" were charging for basic running clothing. Even when items had been marked down to half price, our understanding of the manufacturing industry told us that the "Sports Stores" were still making substantial amounts of money, and with our experience and contacts, we could potentially offer far better clothing at comparable prices.

So, taking our own beliefs and values, we started to talk in earnest with other runners and discovered that pretty much everyone else felt the same way. Okay, we're not all world class athletes, but we do all need good quality clothing at affordable prices. And so, Time to Run was born - an organisation dedicated to bringing best quality garments and accessories to the marketplace at affordable prices


In a nut shell then, it’s safe to say that from point of concept, all Time to Run products are designed and tested by a UK based team with you, the end user in mind. Using quality and ethically sourced fabrics, goods are manufactured in safe working environments which enables us to deliver high quality products at affordable price. Which ultimately allows us to keep our customers at the heart of everything that we do.

Fast forwarding to the summer of 2023, and we're pleased to say that we continue to grow. New products in the pipeline being updated versions of our best selling thermo jackets and pullovers, and a new, tight collection of fully waterproof jackets.

Happy running.

Martin Beardshall

Founder & Owner

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