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The majority of runners love to run in all four seasons, from winter through to summer, and aspire to own a garment that is lightweight, waterproof, windproof, thermal, reflective, breathable and suitable for both winter and summer seasons alike. Unfortunately, when buying a running jacket or gilet for men, there is no one style fits all solution-the key to the right solution lying in the flexibility and versatility of the garment. We go into further technical detail within our guide to buying running clothes, which can be found here, but a brief overview of what to look for in mens running jackets or gilets suitable for fast paced tempo runs or simply jogging round the park, is as follows:

Windproof or a highly resistant wind resistant fabric. One of the biggest enemies to runners or cyclists, is wind. Apart from the extra energy required when running into the wind, wind takes heat and moisture away from the body which leads to cooling of the body. Although in some circumstances this can be beneficial, in others, the rate at which the body is cooled can be too dramatic leading to severe discomfort for the runner. Accordingly, a coat that is either windproof or wind resistance is critical for safe, enjoyable running. The argument of windproof versus waterproof can be found in our technical guide.

High Levels Of Ventilation. In order to maximise breathability, and to help the garment to work whilst exercising, “punched” out fabric or vents assist breathability resulting in a more comfortable work out. Accordingly, it's always considered best practise to wear breathable jackets in tandem with breathable, lightweight technical t shirts.

Lockdown zips. May sound trivial but small details such as the use of lockdown zippers helps you to focus on your training session. The simple design prevents the zippers from moving whilst working out. Likewise, secure, zippered pockets are extremely useful-whether using them to stash an energy bar in, a mobile phone, or maybe a key or two.

Reflective trim. For occasional night time use then a reflective trim is essential, but for the runners out most evenings in the dark, we highly recommend a garment that features full, high visibility reflective panels. The downside of the reflective panelling is that these areas often offer zero breathability so there is a trade off between reflectivity and comfort/breathability. For this reason we do not offer fully reflective garments-all of our garments feature a blend of conventional windproof fabric, punched out fabric and reflective fabric, thus offering the best solution for night time running when a high vis garment is essential.

Thermal. Another misconception is that winter running clothes should be thick, so that they’re super warmth but in reality, the opposite works for most people when participating in outdoor sports. A thinner fabric, like that used in our thermal jackets and pullovers, is brushed on the inside which allows the fabric to trap air so increasing the thermal qualities of the fabric, and accordingly reducing the need for thicker, heavier fabrics. The inevitable downside of using the thinner fabric is that when you step out of the front door, you will feel the cold but within a matter of minutes, you will be literally up and running when it comes to warmth. The thinner, quick dry thermal fabric helps to prevent over heating, as do half and full length zips. In times of real cold, use the thermal with a windproof garment and most bases will be covered.

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