Getting set for the darker months of the year can be a minefield – combining comfort, performance and safety is the ultimate goal for all. For the best part of 6 months of the year, most of the time spent outdoors will be in the dark or at least in low light conditions. So, it’s vital that you head out equipped with the right gear to help you achieve your goals. Whether that be night time running, cycling, horse riding, walking the dog or even taking the kids to school. 

In it’s most simplest of forms, the Time to Run Reflective Slap Wrap, at only £4.99, offers the most cost effective solution to the need for basic reflective requirements. Manufactured from Scotchlite 3M reflective banding, the Slap Wrap simply wraps around either the arm or elbow to provide reflective protection. Using only the best fabric available allows it to meet the requirements of CE11356.

Taking the concept of the Wrap one step further, the replacement of reflective material with an LED light strip takes the concept to another level. Through encasing a LED, (light emitting diode,) wand in water resistant nylon, we can enhance visibility dramatically. Being operated by the use of a simple on off button, the Time to Run LED Runners Slap Wrap can be used in static light mode or flashing mode. Dependent on temperature, (low temperatures affect the life span of batteries,) the replaceable CR1023 battery can last up to an impressive 1,000 hours when on flash mode. Priced at only £5.99 per unit, as with the conventional slap wrap, the LED Runners Slap Wrap can be attached to arms, legs, saddle stems or even rucksacks.

In a more rudimentary format than the LED Runners Slap Wrap, but potentially offering more versatility, the Time to Run LED Runners Arm BandOffered in a convenient pack of two, and at the everyday low price of £7.99 the armbands come complete with four LED lights which take their power from fully replaceable CR1023 batteries. The Velcro adjustments allow the band to fit a large range of sizes from items such as arms, legs, rucksack loops or saddle stems to dog collars. Should the band be worn next to the skin, the soft terylene backing adds comfort. Unlike other similar priced items, the band is made using Scotchlite 3M which means that the band fully conforms to CE13356 for further safety.

Having looked at the difference LED lighting can make to the safety of nocturnal activity, we thought long and hard about how we could take it to the ultimate level. Aside of creating an LED bearing jacket, (not really possible as the LED’s are not intended to go through washing machines,) We set out to create an LED band that offered fully 360 degree visibility without compromising comfort at all. Designed specifically for those that run, ride or walk in rural areas, the Time to Run LED Running/Cycling Belt can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder for maximum visibility: either way the adjustable elastic strap ensures that a close fit is achieved at all times, no more annoying moving up and down of your safety belt. The two options available are either a fully rechargeable option, (through the supplied USB cable,) or through the use of two AAA batteries. (Also supplied.)

Noting that not all outdoor enthusiasts feel the need to wear LED running accessories, the wearing of high visibility running bibs is strongly recommended and in some running clubs compulsory. Taking the principle at it’s purest form, the Time to Run Reflective Running Bib is almost featherweight-weighing at only 55 grammes, the bib offers basic protection at the extremely affordable price of only £6.99.

Moving things on from the basic bib, the Time to Run Three Colour Reflective Running Bib, priced at only £7.99 benefits from additional colours of reflective tape, (yellow and red to compliment the silver,) so offering a safe solution to both late night and early morning running, cycling or walking, whether it be winter or summer. The addition of an adjustable Velcro strap allows the bib to be worn on top of a base layer, or in more inclement weather on top of an outer layer.

For those that still need a lightweight bib, but with added flexibility, then the Time to Run Lightweight Reflective Bib With 3M Reflectivity is the ideal solution. At the super low price of £8.99, the bib is ultra lightweight and due to it’s close fit is offered in two sizes for optimum comfort. Reflectivity is enhanced by the fact that the reflective tape used on this product is the super reflective Scotchlite 3M tape.

One of the problems with some running bibs though, is that they can float around whilst running or cycling. The simplest solution to this is to produce a lyca based bib that offers a glove like fit. This can be found with the Time to Run Lycra Reflective Vest. Being worn like a harness, the bib is secured using the side mounted buckles, and the reflective tape is run up both the front and rear of the bib. Perfect solution for those that want added safety without distraction whilst running.

Appreciating that not everybody looks for either a lightweight vest or bib for running or cycling, the natural alternative for those looking for a more flexible alternative, the Time to Run Reflective Harness offers 360 degree Scotchlite 3M reflectivity in a fully adjustable format. Although fine for running, feedback received states that this item is more suited to cyclists, horse riders or even motor cyclists. At only £9.99 it will not break the bank either.

Taking the concept of nighttime reflectivity to it’s ultimate conclusion, we are also pleased to offer both the Men’s Pace Spirit Reflective Running Jacket and it’s female counterpart, the Ladies Pace Spirit Reflective Running Jacket. Both garments feature extensive panels of reflective fabric which offer unparalleled degrees of reflectivity whilst running or biking in the darker winter months. In order to enhance the breathability of the garment, the mesh panelled back works well when running with a pack. A carefully designed hood offers further degrees of visibility, especially in more inclement weather. A small, discreet key pocket to the front of the garment completes our mot reflective garment to date. layer or car key. Finishing the story of nicely, the Mens And Women’s Pace Spirit Reflective Running Gilets offer versatile protection whilst running in the nighttime, whilst the Lightweight Pace Running Gilet is ideal for three season running.