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The perennial item of clothing that all runners simply cannot survive without, has to be a decent pair of running shorts. Detailed descriptions can be found on each product page, but a brief synopsis of what to look for in a pair of running shorts can be read through here...

Length of inseam-short or long?: When it comes to choosing a new pair of running shorts, one of the most hotly discussed topics within the sporting industry, is what exactly is the optimum length of inseam for a pair of running shorts? Well, in our humble opinion, it really does come down to personal choice.

Traditional, hard core enthusiasts like to go for the uber lightweight, short option, such as our 2.5” Pace Split Running Short. Those that like something that is a little more modest, opt for the 4” Pace Training Short, which as well as being ideally suited for running outdoors, is popular for gym goers-in fact we’ve received really positive feedback from powerlifters who think that the fabric and fit is ideal for heavy workouts in the gym. So, ideal for use as a running short with pockets or as a general gym short. Moving through the lengths, the Trail Spirit Short is cut a little longer-the 7” inseam being ideal for those that want a slightly longer short yet don’t want to resemble an American basketball player. To conclude our collection, we also offer the Pro Spirit Speed Running Short which is a lycra based short, (skin tight,) that sports an 18 cm inseam, (7” inseam,( which is ideal for those that need a little more protection on the hamstrings.

Running Shorts With Pockets-yes or no?: Next consideration for most, is that of pockets. Back in the day, it used to be that most runners would be happy with a small pocket, that was ideal for stashing a key in. As times have moved, people run with keys, gels, and of course, mobile phones which makes the addition of secure zippered pockets on your running shorts essential. Looking at this in detail, we’ve tailored each of our styles so that each has a unique offering. Note though that all running shorts features pockets that have zips and are large enough for a standard size mobile phone.

The 2.5” Split Pace Shorts have one secure zip pockets in the rear of the waistband that is large enough for a phone and a couple of gels. We intentionally didn’t add side pockets to this style as it would most certainly impair the running style-especially when running distance. The 4” Pace Training Shorts come complete with two zippered pockets-one either side that are both large enough for keys, a gel or two and of course a mobile phone. This allows the runner or gym goer the option to use them whilst working out, or when in transit to a workout at the gym. Note that we have intentionally not added a third pocket to the rear of the short as it would interfere too much if the shorts are being used in the gym for sit ups or something similar. The longer cut 7” Trail Spirit Short features a combination of all three pockets-one at the rear and two at the sides. This allows the user maximum flexibility as to what they use them for, likewise the Pro Spirit Speed Running Short also has three pockets, but only one of which is zippered.

Other factors to consider are of course to line or not to line? Our experience has taught us that the majority of users that wear unlined shorts, tend to wear cotton underwear to keep everything in place. In our opinion, this should be avoided at all costs-the cotton absorbs moisture and increases the likelihood of chafing which is to be avoided is at all possible, So, all of our shorts come with a closely woven mesh liner which is a far cry from the cheese grater style liners of old-the woven mesh is close enough to keep everything in place whilst simultaneously offering the right level of support. Note that all shorts with the exception of the 2 in 1 Trail Running Short have a conventional brief style lining, the 2 in 1 short having a wicking boxer. The only other exception to this being the Pro Spirit Speed Short which is unlined.

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