Windproof Running Jackets

Irrespective of ability, most runners tend to run throughout all season of the year, whether that be spring, summer, autum or winter. Wind, rain or shine. Accordingly, whilst running in more inclement conditions, we require garments that offer protection against the elements. Not just the rain, but the wind and ambient air temperature too.

So, one of the biggest enemies to the runners, is wind. Apart from the extra energy required when running into the wind, wind takes heat and moisture away from the body which may lead to excessive cooling of the body. Although in some circumstances this can be beneficial, in others, the rate at which the body is cooled can be too dramatic leading to severe discomfort for the runner. During high aerobic activity in wind, the body needs to find a way of releasing heat and moisture at an acceptable rate.

The simplest solution to most, is through the use of a windproof running jacket or smock. Men's or women's running jackets are generally manufactured from a lightweight highly breathable polyester or nylon, which allows heat to move away from the body through the process of convection whilst the highly breathable qualities of the fabric, allow the moisture to evaporate and pass harmlessly through the fabric. Wearing such a garment significantly reduces the wind chill effect experienced when just wearing a base layer or tech t.

Windproof fabrics offer a great balance of protection from the elements to breathability.

Looking at fabrics in greater detail, there are two ways of wind proofing the fabric: Through barrier (coated) technology and through the density of the weave. Although barrier technology offers a windproof and more often than not waterproof solution, unfortunately, it severely inhibits the MVTR. (Moisture vapour transmission rate.) The inhibition of the MVTR ultimately leads to a build-up of moisture (perspiration) on the inside of the garment which accordingly leads to an uncomfortable environment which is prone to overheating. However, through the use of a densely-woven fabric which has been coated with a super DWR (durable water repellent treatment,) it is possible to achieve a suitable compromise between breathability and water resistancy. Using such a fabric allows the garment to breathe whilst the DWR treatment provides a degree of water resistancy. Note that the Time to Run Pace Windproof Running Jackets and Gilets uses a windproof fabric which has had a super DWR applied which just allows the water to roll off. Note though that as the fabric is not waterproof and the seams have not been taped, it cannot be categorised as a waterproof running jacket or coat, only wind proof. 

It should also be worth noting though that the cheapest running jackets at the budget end of the price range almost always use cheap, flimsy materials or as a smokescreen, a heavier, waterproof fabric. The flimsier garments offer no protection from rain at all, and at best, only a modicum of protection from the wind. Conversely, the heavier weight garments may be waterproof but the effects are akin to the old boil in the bag cooking processes of the seventies. These garments may keep water out but they're also excellent at retaining unwanted internal moisture build up.

In addition to the use of a performance fabric, it’s important that all running jackets utilise the following:

Lockdown zips. No annoying movement from the zip pullers allows you to concentrate on your workout.

Reflective trim, okay you may not want to light up like the proverbial Christmas tree but some reflectivity is essential. Fortunately, the Pace Jackets for men and women offer a subtle blend of reflectivity which offers a degree of reflectivity without being too in your face.

At least one pocket, to stash an energy bar in, or maybe a key or two. Fortunately our bestselling Pace Running Jacket for Men and Pace Running Jacket for Ladies, comes with three handy pockets.

And to complete the garments, a lycra hem allows flexibility whilst the added zip baffle stops the wind coming through the teeth of the zippers.

The Men's & Women's Pace Running Jackets offer all you need in a lightweight running jacket.

Going back to the issue of reflectivity, over the years we’ve received many requests to product a truly reflective garment and are pleased to offer both the Men’s Pace Spirit Reflective Running Jacket and also the Ladies Pace Spirit Reflective Running Jacket. Both garments are ideal winter running jackets and due to the lightweight super breathable rear panels, good for running in the autumn and spring too. In a nutshell, they're ideal bright, high vis, fluroscent, breathable running jackets that offer windproof, showerproof protection from the elements.

Through the use of strategically placed reflective panelling and punched out fabric, the Pace Spirit Reflective Running Jacket for Men and Ladies offers the perfect balance for nightime running.

Each garment comes with a discreet pocket, rollaway hood and an unsurpassed level of reflectivity. Note that although we could make the garment 100% reflective, to do so, would effectively render the garment unbreathable. Think boil in the bag and that’s the result of offering a fully reflective garment. Instead, we use a highly water resistant polyester on the area below the arms and chest, and on the rear, we’ve punched the fabric out so that we can maximise breathability. All in all we think that we’ve struck the right balance, and judging by the feedback received from our customers to date, it looks like we've got it just right. A jacket designed for a purpose and fit for a purpose.

Windproof Running Gilets

One of the perennial problems facing runners in years gone by, was the choice faced on those days when it was too warm for a full on jacket and a little too cold/windy to get by with a traditional long sleeved technical running t shirt.

Fortunately, the solution is here in the shape of either the  Pace Running Gilet for Men  or the Pace Running Gilet for Ladies that comes complete with all of the features of the jacket, but obviously without the arms. Ideal for three season running and great additions to the runners' wardrobe.

Offering the perfect solution for those requiring the ultimate in reflectivity, we can offer the Men's Pace Spirit Reflective Running Gilet and the ever popular Ladies Pace Spirit Reflective Running Gilet.  Just like their full sleeved counterparts, the Pace Spirit Reflective Running Gilets offer the perfect balance of protection vers functionality.

Finally but not least, there are times when high visibility running is essential and the need is for a lightweight option. The Time to Run High Visibility Running Gilet ticks all the boxes. Stripped down for simplicity, the gilet offers a wind resistant option superior panels of reflectivity that offer 360 degree visibility.